Thursday, 25 September 2014

Final Reflection blog of S1Q1

Final Reflection blog of S1Q1:
1) Is the unit interesting? Why?
2) Are the assessments relevant?
3) What have I learned throughout this unit?
4) What can be improved?

            In this quarter, we were learning about Myths. We learned about what is myth, what is the difference between myth and legend, what is the intersection of myth with religion and culture. This unit is very interesting because we could read more myths in the world and knew more about the myths. In my opinion, this unit is interesting because it helped us to expand our creativity and knowledge about myths.

            The assessments are relevant because it helped us to improve our understanding on the myths that we learn our creativity on creating story and elements of myth. The things that can be improved on are the creativity of creating story, skill of writing a story, vocabulary and grammar because my vocabulary bank is narrow and sometimes, the grammar that I use is wrong. I need to improve on the creativity of creating story because I need to make the story more interesting and I need to improve on the skill of writing a story because sometimes, my story is not arranged well or the reader cannot understanding the story. 

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